You’ve been a busy guy filming with the Frends and Burton Crews-What’s your most memorable filming moment from last season?
    My most memorable filming moment was filming in Jackson Hole with Danny Davis, Jake Burton, and the Burton Crew. I remember I was sitting on the toilet after a long day of riding, and the Kid Rock "Cowboy" song came on. I instantly yelled to Danny "WE need to make a music video while we are out here!" And of course he was down; I mean who wouldn't be down to film a Kid Rock Music Video, right?! So we filmed the next day a few runs with the GoPro and then afterwards at the bar during the mechanical bull contest! I can explain the vid but ya might as well just watch it instead ;)
    What tricks are you trying to nail down this season?
    I landed one backside 1260 in the halfpipe last year, and every other attempt has kicked my butt! So I am definitely trying to get that one on lock!
    When you’re not “working” what does your ultimate day of riding consist of?
    I wouldn't say I am ever working when I am riding… Maybe a few times photoshoots and contests don't give you the full freedom you want, but it sure doesn't feel like work! Either way, I would most likely be cruising with the Frends Crew while we continuously push each other to try new tricks and to keep the fun in shredding.



Jack’s ability to have a good time is clearly portrayed by his awesome compilation of fun tunes for any occasion.
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      "Mange" - Deer Tick
      "Anything, Anything" - Dramarama
      "Bring it on Home" - Led Zeppelin
      "It’s All too much" - The Beatles
      "Imagine" - Snoop Dogg
      "Till the World Ends" - Britney Spears
      "Sky Pilot" - The Animals
      "Eyes of the World" - The Grateful Dead

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